Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Significant events in case of Arthur Rutherford

Significant events in case of Arthur Rutherford

Associated Press

Following are significant events in the death case against Arthur Rutherford, whose execution was scheduled Wednesday:

Aug. 22, 1985: Body of 63-year-old Stella Salamon found submerged in bathtub in Milton home. She had a broken arm, bruises on her face and arms and severe head wounds. Medical examiner said she died from drowning or asphyxiation.

Aug. 23: Arthur Rutherford arrested after getting assistance from friend to cash as $2,000 check on Salamon's account. Rutherford had done some carpentry work for Salamon. His finger and palm prints were found in bathroom where Salamon was killed.

Sept. 11: Rutherford indicted on charges of first-degree murder and robbery with a firearm.

Jan. 31, 1986: Rutherford found guilty of all charges.

Feb. 1: Jury recommends death sentence by an 8 to 4 majority.

April 2: Judge grants mistrial due to discovery violations by the state.

Oct. 2: On retrial, Rutherford was found guilty on all charges. The jury, on a 7 to 5 vote, recommends death penalty.

Dec. 9: Rutherford sentenced to death for murder count and 30 years on armed robbery.

June 16, 1989: Florida Supreme Court affirms conviction and sentence.

Oct. 30: U.S. Supreme Court denies appeal.

Dec. 17, 1998: Florida Supreme Court denies appeal.

Nov. 29, 2005: Gov. Jeb Bush signs death warrant.

Jan. 30, 2006: U.S. Supreme Court stays Rutherford execution minutes before his scheduled death.

Sept. 22: Bush reinstates death warrant and schedules execution for Oct. 18.

Oct. 5: Appeal returned by the U.S. Supreme Court dismissed by appeals court in Atlanta.

Oct. 6: State court rejects Rutherford's appeal.

Oct. 12: Florida Supreme Court rejects Rutherford's appeal.

Oct. 17: Florida Supreme Court and 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals deny appeals.

Oct. 18: U.S. Supreme Court denied two petitions and two motions for a stay of execution.