Saturday, October 14, 2006

The affidavit of Brian Adkinson - Arthur Rutherford

1. My name is Brian Adkison.

I currently reside at the Walton
County Jail in DeFuniak Springs, Florida. I have known Elizabeth
Bevin for years, and we were neighbors in a trailer park in Crestview,
Florida in the late 1990s.

2. During the time that Elizabeth Bevin was my neighbor, I visited
her home on many occasions. I remember her aunt Mary staying with
her from time to time. Mary was always taking pills, rocking, and
talking. She often said, “Don’t mess with me because I’ve killed
people before.” She mentioned killing a lady in Milton by beating her
to death, with some sort of tool.

3. When Mary would start talking about this, Liz would tell her to
shut up and quit running her mouth. Liz did not want her talking
about this to me. But, one time when Liz wasn’t around to stop her,
Mary told me some details about the lady she’d beaten to death and
how it happened.

She told me that she beat the old lady to death when
trying to rob the lady of money and medication. Mary said something
about how she had been at the old lady’s house before, so she knew
what she had. There had been a plan to get the stuff. But when it
went down, I guess it went wrong.

I remember very clearly Mary
saying to me: “I beat her to death so she couldn’t talk.” You don’t
forget when someone tells you something like that.

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