Monday, October 16, 2006

Hearing needed - Rutherford is innocent.

The lower court ignored the significance as
to a confession to yet another individual, independent of her confessions to
Gilkerson and Pouncey.60

Not only does Adkison add one more witness to Heaton=s
guilt, but also all of the information obtained by Mr. Rutherford corroborates the
other information and the information from trial that Heaton cashed the victim=s
check, obtained $2000.00 and then proceeded to start spending a large quantity of
the money.

Given an evidentiary hearing, Mr. Rutherford would show that Adkison, Gilkerson
and Pouncey have no connection to each other and no motive to lie about Heaton=s
confessions and violent tendencies.
Likewise, Eddie Bivin=s testimony would show that
even Heaton=s own family has reason to suspect that she is guilty of the crimes and Mr.
Rutherford is innocent.

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